Gleaners 2010 Project Complete

The 2010 Gleaners project and tour has been completed although screenings will continue, including a special screening at the 8th London Short Film Festival on the 13 Jan 2011 at 20:00, in London Bridge (details here). Which includes short films from other archive projects and has been curated by Kate Taylor.

For further details on this project please contact Abandon Normal Devices
To find out more about the North West Film Archive please visit here.

Sam Meech’s blog is:

And Jenna Collins’s website is here:

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Image from 'Moorland Incident', 1951, held by the North West Film Archive

Working with a selection of amateur fiction footage held by North West Film Archive, MORE REAL THAN THE EVERYDAY WORLD reflects on the possibility of collaborating with the original filmmakers through their films, asking what we can know about them through their narrative constructions, and what the writing of these constructions might entail and articulate.

The above seems to me to be what has come through the process of making the work and into the final piece (see ‘Two Propositions’ for a starting point). Thanks to Russell Moss for the camera work, and Paul Carr and Eddie Farrell for the additional music, ‘Dumka’.

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Introducing Seaming To.

Seaming has composed, performed, recorded and will perform live much of the music to MORE REAL THAN THE EVERYDAY WORLD.

Seaming To is a vocalist, multi-intrumentalist, composer and producer based in London and Manchester. She studied at the Royal College of Music in London before continuing operatic studies under Teresa Cahill at the Royal Northern College of Music. Continue reading

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Time Back Way Back

I am now into the final furlong of making my film, which has taken its form on the time line. The story itself has crystalized into a tale of people journeying to a promised land and losing themselves and their memories in the process. Over the few months I’ve been intermittently working on this project I have also been reading (and re-reading) a book by Russel Hoban called Riddley Walker‘. This book has been a really great inspiration for me as its themes are similar in many ways.

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Rock My Religion by Dan Graham on

I think you should watch this.

Rock My Religion (1982-84)
1982-84, 55:27 min, b&w and color, sound

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‘Research and Presentation of All That Remains of My Childhood 1944 – 1950′

‘Research and Presentation of All That Remains of My Childhood 1944 – 1950’,  the title of Christian Boltanskis’ artist’s book of 1969.

Inside he writes, Continue reading

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Some questions for an accent coach.

Accent construction:

1. How are accents made,  historically and geographically?

2. How does the body make an accent (the mechanics of the voice I guess)?
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This is footage of the night sky above Manchester, shot with Russell Moss in July 2010. I have been led to believe that the Stone Roses 1989 ‘Fools Gold‘ might be about the golden (sludgy yellow/brown) light that hangs over the city. Someone told me that years ago, I can’t remember who but it made sense and stuck.
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Tense Options

A bearded old man, an old man with a false beard or an actor in the costume of an old man with a beard.

A few (3 or 4) stories from the amateur narrative fiction film will be in my own project, but retold as text or voice. This requires a number of decisions, which became fully apparent when I began the re-write.

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Elizabeth Price at the Whitechapel

I went to a talk at the Whitechapel by Elizabeth Price, in which she went through her script and showed some films from a variety of sources as research for a film she is making for the Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network’s (FLAMIN) Production Fund. It was unusual (I think) for an artist to be that open and direct about what they are doing. Continue reading

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