What we’ve gleaned so far…

Some of the most engaging contemporary filmmaking uses archival material as its basis, with artists increasingly adept at remixing and re-appropriating existing footage for poetic effect.  A broad spectrum of approaches include the personal city portrait of Terence Davies’ Of Time And The City, the pop culture collages of People Like Us and Sarah Wood, the re-examined histories of Luke Fowler and the political essays of Adam Curtis.  The thoughtful selection and editing of archive material can express a filmmaker’s vision of the world in a particularly spellbinding way.

Gleaners is a new residency project placing two filmmakers-in-residence in the North West Film Archive.  So far in 2010 an artist’s brief was circulated and many artists applied. The standard was extremely high, with many filmmakers already working with archive material as part of their practice, and others coming up with extremely well thought out approaches to the residencies.  Eight people were shortlisted and interviewed.

We are proud to announce the two selected artists as Jenna Collins and Sam Meech.  Jenna has started her residency in April and Sam will begin in May.  This will be a space to share their process, and explore ideas relating to the project…

Kate Taylor – Creative Producer

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