The Amateur Fiction Film / Symposium in Liverpool


Marion Hewitt at the NWFA told me about this….

Small-Gauge Storytelling: The Amateur Fiction Film
A One-Day Symposium University of Liverpool,
Wednesday the 9th of June 2010

This one-day event, hosted by the University of Liverpool, invites papers exploring issues around the many meeting points between amateur cinema and fictional film practice.

For around fifty years,roughly between the 1930s and the 1980s, cine-clubs and individuals working within the framework of the organised amateur cine movement created many remarkable fiction films. The works produced by these usually part-time cinephiles developed in a range of directions, and often exhibited very contradictory attitudes towards neighbouring professional practice, symptomatic of the amateur mode of film production, and very distinct senses of cultural value. Some of this output has now been incorporated into archival film collections, but often enjoys a marginal or at least uncertain status in comparison with non-fiction materials, with more immediately ‘preservative’ value. While recent years have certainly witnessed growth in scholarly work around amateur cinema, this has often focused on amateur non-fiction films, effectively ignoring the wealth of fictional material produced by clubs and individuals over the years. This day event aims to address the potential artistic, historical and scholarly value of amateur fiction films from a range of perspectives.

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