Elizabeth Price at the Whitechapel

I went to a talk at the Whitechapel by Elizabeth Price, in which she went through her script and showed some films from a variety of sources as research for a film she is making for the Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network’s (FLAMIN) Production Fund. It was unusual (I think) for an artist to be that open and direct about what they are doing. She was entirely unpretentious and equally unapologetic about her approach. In the collection of the moving image work she showed (which included not only Kenneth Anger films, but car adverts and an absolutely absurd Busby Berkley routine) I recognised the activity I am engaged in at present – specifically the moving around, theoretically including and discounting the near tangible qualities of images, ideas and  pitches  that this project is made of.  I think she finishes her film early next year.

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