Jenna Collins

Working with a mixture of found, or more accurately browsed, and self-generated material I return to the strategies of mimicry, literalism, deadpanning and the general over the specific. Recurrent themes include the meeting point of grand ideals with the experienced world, contemporary bureaucracy, and attempts to locate absolute points of reference.

Sam Meech

I am a Liverpool-based artist / designer / videosmith. I refer to myself as a ‘videosmith’ rather than ‘filmmaker’ because I work mainly with digital video as a medium, trying to shape it in new ways. This can be as short film, documentary, but also as projection and interactive installation. I run my own business, Luden AudioVisual, and try to work with a philosophy of ‘Playful AudioVision’.  I have designed reactive AV for a range of live music performances, dance shows, plays and installations including A Different Tune, Da Boyz, Be My Guest and The Huge Entity.

I am also a member of Re-Dock, a not-for-profit arts organisation working in Liverpool and Sefton, aiming to promote and recognise local and community issues through activities which encourage participant’s creative thinking.

Live Performers

Seaming To –

“When she sings, puts the rest of the band in the shade. A tiny woman with a pixie haircut and euphoric smile, To only has to open her mouth for her astounding, operatic voice to float out…Her singing is beautiful enough to make you wish the rest of the musicians would drop out of their groove for a moment.” The Guardian

“…an extraordinarily beautiful voice and a real leftfield approach to her music” The List Festival Magazine, Edinburgh

“…the voice of the 21st century…” Radio One

Nathan Jones and Carl Brown |

Nathan Jones is a poet. He has been a resident writer and Creative Director of the Mercy arts collective for 6 years, during which time they have become one of the most important producers of live literature in the country. Carl Brown is a driving force in Wave Machines, Liverpool’s classiest art-rock outfit. He has been releasing music for more than 20 years, and is well regarded for his award-winning songwriting and production abilities.

The intuitive creative partnership between Carl and Nathan is now in its third incarnation, each time breaking the mold for contemporary poetry and music in collaboration – including their work on the Wave If You’re Really There series of events, which featured in The Guardian, The Independent, on 6 Music, and won praise from across the blogosphere in early 2010.


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